1. “How Long Does Sealcoating Last?”

Sealcoating treatment longevity really depends on wear-and-tear. Resealing is recommended every 2-5 years. 


2. “What Exactly Does Sealcoating Do?”

When water penetrates damaged blacktop and freezes, it expands and causes severe cracking. Sealcoating prevents this by shedding water and other materials that could damage your driveway. Think of how water rolls off of rubber -- same concept.


3. "How Do You Prepare A Driveway For Sealcoating?"

We rid driveway of any weeds, trim the grass alongside, and then blown free of all dirt and debris. Potholes and large cracks are cleaned out and filled*. 


4. "What Is Crack Filling?"

Crack filling is the process of repairing large cracks with hot rubberized filler that expands and contracts with changing temperatures. Please note that crack filler can sometimes be seen through the sealcoat. This is due to differing textures and material. We do our best to ensure a smooth finish.


5. “How Long Should I Stay Off My Driveway?”

Airing on the side of caution, we recommend waiting 6-12 hours before driving on the treated area. On a sunny day, walking across your driveway after 3 hours is just fine. 


6. "Do I Need To Be At Home?"

No, you do not. However, for work to be done, we ask you remove cars from the driveway, shut off sprinklers, and keep pets from accessing asphalt.


7. “How Much Will Sealcoating My Driveway Cost?”

Pricing is by square footage; ranging from 10-25 cents. Final pricing cannot be determined without an on-site consultation. 


8. “I Live In Pennsylvania. Can I Book Treatment?”

At this time, no. Seal Pro HV currently serves the New York Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) area. 

*Extensive crack and pothole filling is not included in the the sealcoating price unless stated otherwise.